Bonus Episode. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Bonus episode! With the upcoming release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, here are a few predictions before going into the theater.nnIt’s an interesting time for the Star Wars franchise. The Last Jedi sapped a lot of Disney’s goodwill with fans. Since then, fans are increasingly questioning Disney’s vision for its property. Some say that a stand-alone film about Han Solo is unnecessary. Others feel that there are other characters with deeper backstories that could be explored instead.nnThe movie should make money but will it do well enough? Solo drops in an already stacked blockbuster season. We’ve already had the likes of Black Panther, Infinity War and Deadpool 2 in the mere space of a few months. Possible blockbuster fatigue along with costly production issues have cost Disney far more than they had originally budgeted for and could hamper Solo’s progress at the box office. A poorer than expected showing by Solo might force Disney to alter their course for future Star Wars projects. Having said all that, Disney’s first stand-alone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, was generally considered a critical success.nnSolo: A Star Wars Story opens on Memorial Day weekend in the United States which gives it a good chance to make a big opening. It opens in most countries worldwide in or around the same time. An interesting point is that it will also open in mainland China on May 25th. To date, the new Star Wars releases haven’t done spectacularly in China, but Disney will really be hoping that Solo breaks this trend. Personally, I don’t see that happening.nnIn any case, we’ll be following up our predictions soon once we’ve seen the film.